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Welcome to the Snobotics Wiki. This section of our site contains documentation for robots, code, practices and a history of FIRST team 981. Visit our main site at Snobotics 981.


Team Contact Info

Rob Steele

 phone:  818 396 6277

Jeff Neeley

 phone:  ...

Stefani Neeley


Bill Shillig


ToDo Lists

CAD ToDo List

Room ToDo List

Practice Robot ToDo List

Competition Robot ToDo List

Older Robot ToDo List

Software Installation Notes

Software Installation Notes

Git Hub Notes


Blender Notes

Blender Notes

General CAD Notes

General CAD Notes

Team Advertising, Grant and Fund Raising Information

Team's Brochure: File:981brochure.pdf

Team's 2013 Sponsor Book: File:2013 Robotics Sponsor Book.pdf

On this link is information about Fund Raising and Business Plans: FIRST Finance Page

Grant Information: Grant Information

Chairman Award Information

Here is a link to info about the video.

Autodesk Notes

Not directly related to Autodesk, but related to CAD is the software OpenSCAD. The link OpenSCAD. This software allows users to build parts without a GUI. Also, this seems to be the program of choice for parameters parts on Thingiverse.

Autodesk Registration Info

Autodesk MAC Notes

Autodesk Inventor Notes

Autodesk 3dsMax Notes

Autodesk Maya Notes

System Engineering

This is the location for all of the System Engineering notes for the team.

The file with the exercise in it is: File:Stack Attack The Game Northridge 2011.pdf

In the System Engineering folder on the FMHS Dropbox I have placed a copy of the BeachBot's System Requirements for previous years.

Felix's presentation on the game strategy has been placed in the FMHS Dropbox. The power point document lives in the folder: Engineering/2014

Electrical Engineering Notes

On the page are the electrical engineering notes: Electrical Engineering Notes To Be Added.


The 2015/2016 summer and build schedule lives as a Microsftware Project folder. This can be viewed using Gnatt, a cross platform schedule program. The file is stored on the team's google drive and the link is: 2016ProjectFile

Google now has an app for viewing MS project files.

In Ric Roberts' presentation on System Engineering he recommended a free scheduling program. I've copied the installing program onto the FHMS web site, there are the link: Gnat Project Software. The link for the program's web site is: Gnat Project Web Site. The program can be used to read and write Microsoft Project sites and their own format as well.

Lessons Learned

Reading Lists

3D Printer

These page is to to be used to document all aspects of the teams 3d printer 3dPrinter.

Drive System

Andy-Mark base kit:

2014 Base Kit

Andy-Mark has bumper kits:

Bumper Kits


One idea I had for a light weight joint was to use a flexible drive shaft. McMaster-Carr has some good quality ones that are pricey. We might be able to find replacement for the McMaster-Carr ones that are less expensive.

Flexible Drive Shaft

Here is a new arm joint kit from Andy-Mark:

PVC Arm Joint Kit

Some useful links related to manipulators.

FIRST Fare 2012

Talon Controller Notes

I copied over the Talon documentation off of the AndyMark web site.

Talon Documentation

The Talon is a different object in the WPI Java library than a Jaguar, although it is initialized the same way and has the same methods. SPECIAL NOTE: The RobotDrive object in the WPI Java library assumes Jaguars, so it won't work with the Talon motor controller. We will need to create our own RobotDrive object if we go to Talon controllers for our drive system.

Jaguar Notes

Short story on the Jaguar motor controllers: don't use them.

This page has the notes: Jaguar Notes

Individual Notes

Rob Steele's Notes and Such: Rob Steele Notes

Notes from 2014 Events

  • Blender Class
  • ISA Trade Show

Notes from 2013 Events


Google Drive

Access notes need to go here.

Drop Box

The FMHS Drop Box was set up by Ken Hurst and is a 'cloud based' storage system. We are using it to store our 'private' files. Our 'public' files and 'public' information goes on the wiki. Transitory information is exchanged on our 'FMHS Snobotics' facebook account. To use the dropbox you are required to register. I'll send out new links to everyone today. By 'inviting' people we get more free storage on the dropbox folder.

By having the dropbox link on your computer any files updated are mirrored on your computer. You want to be careful about what files you put on the dropbox folder on your local computer, since they will be mirrored on everone else's computer that have access to the FMSH dropbox folder.

If you have any questions, just e-mail my at or give me a call at 818 396 6277.

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